I am Lotte Zuijdwijk, owner of LotteZ Productions.

My company revolves around my designs, my creative leadership and co-creations with others, specialised in visuals for immersive experiences.
I prefer working from a small base in the centre of Holland to stay fast on my feet.

A team of dedicated professionals give me the flexibility to rapidly upscale to full force, when needed, which keeps my business lean and innovative.

Photo by Studio Dee

Photo by Studio Dee


the dream team

Lotte Zuijdwijk — art direction, concepting, project management, animation, illustration, live video operating

The creative forces that are on speed dial as my co-creators:

Michelle van Mil — concepting, animation, video design, show control, live video operating (www.veemee-visuals.com)

Dorenda van Knegsel — video editing, graphic design (www.dorendacreatives.com)

Cyrille Thonon — surface design, print design (www.oddstyles.com)

Roald van Stijn — camera, time lapse video, video editing (www.pyropix.nl)

David Kox — sound design, voice over recording, music compositing (www.koxmusic.com)

Jawtooth — music compositing (www.jawtooth.co)


visit me

LotteZ Productions
Vechtclub XL (unit F1.4)
The Netherlands

phone: + 31 6 30716491
email: info@lottez.com